Pet Statues Stand Proudly On My Mantel

My mantel has always been a place for memories. I am talking about picture frames and angel statues and even the ashes of loved ones. I like to put the most meaningful things on display on my mantel. The warm fire below the décor pieces sets the perfect mood for remembrance. I love to find the perfect spot for all things near and dear to me on my mantel.

Pets have meant a lot to me over the years. I have always had dogs and each dog was unique and had a personality that no other dog will ever have. I like to make sure I am remembering each dog in its full glory with some statues that are replicas of the pet. I can get the statues made from my best photos of the dogs.

The pet statues are proudly displayed on my mantel and I like to find the best spot for them on there. I like to rearrange the existing mantel décor when I have a new piece to put on display. It is fun to rearrange everything and to find the warmest way to display my new statues of pets. I love sitting back, enjoying a warm fire, and admiring the statues alongside my other décor.