Pet Statues Are A Unique Addition To Our Home

When I saw some cool pet sculptures online, I knew that I had to get some to honor the memory of our pets that have passed. We grew up with dogs and we always had a dog in the family. We have had four dogs since my husband and I got married and the kids got to know the dogs as they were growing up. We currently have a lovely dog named Ben.

Ben has been great and the dogs that we had before him were each unique and a big part of our lives. The kids grew up with the previous dogs and they had a really hard time getting over the loss of the family dogs. However, we have been able to get a new dog each time one passed and that has helped us with the healing process.

Finding some awesome pet statues has helped us to keep our dogs alive forever in our hearts and in our home. The kids love the replica statues that we have been getting done of the dogs that have passed. The statues are unique and they really capture the spirit and the demeanor of each dog. The statues are beautiful and just what our home was missing.