Pet Memorial Pocket Stones Bring Me Magical Moments Throughout The Day

I enjoy finding some pet memorial products online, but I never want something that is big and bulky and that will be hard to find a good spot for. When I saw some cute pet memorial pocket tokens online, I knew that they would be the ideal way for me to remember my pets who have passed. I love having the pet memorial stones with me anywhere and everywhere.

The pocket stones can easily fit into a pocket or a purse or even into a wallet. I have a pretty big wallet that is almost like a purse. I love having a pet memorial stone inside the wallet. I like to put them on my keys as well. They are versatile and they have a nice phrase on them like “in loving memory.” It is nice to have the pocket memorials and see them throughout the day.

My pet memorial pocket stones make me smile throughout the day as I see them and they remind me of the special moments that I had with my pets. The keychain memorial stone that I have is on my keys and I have some magical moments with it. Like when I go to open the door and the sun is shining and I catch a glimpse of the pet memorial pocket stone and remember playing with my dog in the yard with the sun shining down on us.