Different Types of Pet Urns to Choose From

Pet owners mourn their pets more than a friend because when you need someone, pets are always there and losing them is very painful. Pets do not argue or judge you, rather they show their emotions using gestures and sounds. Furthermore, pets become part of their owner’s family and perform almost every activity with them. So, you can imagine why the passing of a pet is as real and acute as losing a family member.

Pet urns help pet owners deal with the loss of their pet and come in different material, sizes and designs which hold the ashes of cremated pets. Wood urns are made from solid wood or composite material and have wood finishing of maple, oak, cherry etc and comes in different shapes. Moreover, stone pet urns are carved from jade, marble onyx and granite. The stone used in these urn gives it a unique pattern and colour which makes it stand out.

Lastly, other pet urns material include ceramic, cultured, and metal, however, the metal urns are made from brass, bronze, pewter, copper and aluminium. They come in different style and sizes so owners can choose the size and style that will perfectly house their pet ashes and also serve as a memento.