A Pet Memorial Keychain Is Always With Me

I have been carrying a bunch of keychains with me on my keys for as long as I can remember. I got my first keychain when I was a little girl. My dad would do a lot of traveling for work and he would love to bring back fun little souvenirs for us, like keychains. I started putting them on my keys and my collection grew from there.

I have lost a few pets and they have all left a big hole in my heart. Although I have gotten new pets over the years, each pet is unique and you just can’t replace the connection that you had with a previous pet. I love finding some keychains of the pet memorial kind. These keychains are perfect for me, since I love collecting them.

With a good pet memorial keychain, I have been enjoying having something on my keys that gives me a beautiful reminder of my previous pets and the connection that I had with them. I have my keychains with me everywhere, whether I am driving or I am coming home from work. It is nice to have the keychains wherever I am to remind me of the bond I will forever have with my pets.