A Memorial Pet Pendant Helps My Boyfriend Remember His Black Lab

My boyfriend loves his new memorial pendant and that it helps him to have his beloved dog with him all the time. He really loved the dog and the dog was a huge part of his life growing up. The dog was a black lab and he still talks about the dog and remembers him fondly to this day. He says the dog was really strong and always ready to play.

It is so heart-warming to hear my boyfriend talk about his dog and get so emotional about him. Every time we watch a movie that features a dog, he gets emotional, thinking about his own dog who passed. He named the dog after one of his favorite surfers and he would enjoy play-fighting with the dog along with his brothers. The dog played an important role in his life.

A memorial pet pendant has been the perfect way for my boyfriend to honor his dog. His family has had several dogs since the passing of his beloved black lab, but none of them have been the same. Their personalities just haven’t been as fun and my boyfriend has not developed the same kind of bond that he had with the black lab. The pendant helps my boyfriend to keep the black lab with him at all times.